Learning how to surf

In my last post (still in Dutch), I had announced that I was ill. And it progressed into something that has blindsided me and cuts my life in half. One half I am awake, WOKE, even. The other half I am still woke, but very much asleep at the same time. I am optimistic though and this illness has given me the opportunity to bring more focus in my life. It has given me the opportunity to listen even more closely to my body. Because my body is wise, she tells me very strongly when enough is enough.

One of the focus areas is Soul Doodle. A project that has given me so far a lot of headaches, because going after the one thing you love whilst being educated in another is scary. But it has given me a lot of moments of hope, of pride, of careless creating. Careless, not in a sense that I could care less, but that it takes no effort at all. Sometimes I need a push to start, but once in the process I am completely in flow. Therefore, I want to step out into the light with this project, even more than I did in the past.

Stepping out into the light means opening my own Etsy shop, a dedicated Instagram-account and a more professional website (this). I am also broadening my audience to a more international crowd. Why? Because I have some friends abroad and I don’t want to limit myself to my Dutch friends to be able to read my blogposts. That is stepping into the light, from the shadow, to be seen from outer space. All my bits, even the weird and lengthy in words ones.

The focus, even though this stepping into the light part is scary, helps me to manage my energy better. Even though I’m ill, I am still manage to get stuff done. Because I allow myself to go to bed when I run out of energy, I feel like I still participate in the world. When I keep running, I feel zoned out, not really here and mentally not really stable. That is why the quote on this poster is so apt:

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.

And that is what I’m doing.

PS. the print is for sale! And there is free shipping worldwide! Isn’t that something.

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